News: Sprout Films Cuts Back

Long-time film resource featuring individuals with disabilities will reduce activities

Sprout, the long-standing organization that has championed video related to individuals with disabilities, announced that it must curtail its efforts. After extended fund-raising work including not just it's usual outreach but also other efforts (e.g., GoFundMe) failed to generate sufficient resources, Anthony Di Salvo and the leadership team from Sprout wrote that they are "ending Sprout’s travel and recreation programs and closing our office as of June 30th."

Since 1979, Sprout has supported an ambitious and wide-ranging program of video work. Its videos have featured people with disabilities not just on camera, but also in production. The videos have provided humane insight into the world of disabilities. Sprout showed these videos together in an annual festival and also disseminated them broadly with a travelling program and Internet distribution.

Financial hardship that accompanied the restrictions caused by the SARS-Cov-19 crisis made continuing Sprout's program untenable. Mr. Di Salvo indicated that Sprout will continue some limited operations. Learn more at the Sprout Web site.