News, discussions, reports, & reflections about education with an emphasis on special education and disabilities

A source for trustworthy content about teaching students with disabilities

Welcome to SpedTalk! My name is John Wills Lloyd and I’ve created SpedTalk as a means of communicating about teaching, current events, and research about special education and related topics.

The core of SpedTalk will be a weekly newsletter that summarizes current content in the magazine (that is, on the Web site). Subscriptions to the newsletter are free. You can sign up for the newsletter using the button at the foot of this message. Did I mention that subscrribing currently only costs $0.00?

On the site, SpedTalk will feature weekly (usually more frequent) posts about special education and children and youths with disabilities. I promise to write them so that they are true to evidence and easily digested. That is, I want the content to be trustworthy and readable. (Please hold me to this; if you see something that seems doubtful or hard to understand, send me a note!)

Content will include summaries of current research, practice briefs, research briefs, editorials, news, and much more. Once I have created enough content, then I’ll start putting some of it behind a pay wall.

In the meantime, tell your friends!